Welcome to our blog for our new boat project, the weekender sailboat.


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The photos above are of our our new Weekender sailboat at various stages of completion. See the photo section for more pictures.

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Annie and I have built more then a dozen boats over the years, mostly together but we have both built our own as well.  The list varies from our favorite, a 15 foot open camp cruiser named Tully Mars, to several 16 foot sail racers, a punt, a trimaran and quite a few sea kayaks of various designs.  A few of the boats were our own design, including Tully Mars.

We learned to sail in our home waters of Nova Scotia, Canada.  Beautiful scenery, busy ports, quiet secluded coves at anchor for days, double reefed gales running for shelter, thick fogs, huge tides and lots of friends doing the same thing.  Our new home on Great Slave Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories offers new challenges, much fun, and new like minded friends.  Great Slave Lake is like the ocean, it is huge!  The ninth largest in the world and fifth largest in Canada!  It’s shores are dotted with rocky islands and many coves to explore.  Like any large body of water, it must be respected.  The new Weekender sailboat we are building here should be a perfect magic carpet to take us to these remote areas under the midnight sun.  And in luxury, it will have a cabin!